We are beginning the process of electing convention delegates to represent chapters. Elections will take place through June 20th.
The convention is a part of setting the future direction of our Local. We are facing unprecedented challenges to our rights and our economic security. The more of us that are actively involved in the convention, the stronger we will emerge from it.

Delegates are elected by chapter membership. Delegates represent their chapter at the convention, communicate convention decisions to chapter members, and provide leadership in enacting the major plans and projects of the Union approved at the convention.

All members in good standing who are available and committed to attending the September 22-23 2018 Convention are eligible to run and serve as a delegate to the Convention. 

If you are interested in becoming a convention delegate, speak with your chapter leadership.

Eligibility to Run for Delegate:

In order to run for and serve as a 1021 Convention delegate, candidates shall be employed within a bargaining unit represented by the Chapter AND be members in good standing with  membership dues  current as reported by the most recent payment submitted by the employer.

Any member is eligible to vote (including those who complete a membership application at the time of the vote) in delegate elections for their chapter.

NOTE: Some chapter bylaws may specify that elected chapter officers shall serve as automatic delegates to the convention (in this case, no election is necessary). All other eligibility issues, refer to delegate election committee.